Our Facility

We believe our staff, programs and facilities altogether make us one of the best nurseries in Dubai!

The nursery is set in a villa located in the heart of Dubai and includes large indoor and outdoor spaces. We provide a stimulating, healthy and welcoming environment that is secure for children.

  • Spacious and well-equipped classrooms with age-appropriate educational resources and furniture
  • Indoor educational area and fun play centers
  • In a concern of protecting the environment and teaching children the importance of taking care of it, we tend to use natural lightning, energy saving and recycling methods
  • Safe and shaded outdoor play areas including an age-appropriate play system, and bike track
  • Children’s fully equipped indoor Gym and outdoor sports court
  • Child-friendly green garden areas designed with the aim of combining safety, aesthetic and fun

The above areas are visited by children of all classes. Each age group is given the opportunity to explore and learn in different ways to satisfy learning outcomes.


Adventure And Discovery Awaits

At The Le Jardin Enchanté Nursery, we set out to create outdoor environments that entice children to engage with nature. Our playgrounds are rich with plants and natural elements, exciting play themes, and physical challenges. Children can learn to assess risks and test their boundaries within an environment that was created with their safety, health, and skill-building in mind.

The designs of The Le Jardin Enchanté Nursery outdoor classrooms were guided by nine core elements:

  • Abundant nature
  • Outdoor art
  • Music/movement
  • Sensory exploration
  • Gardening and Growing
  • Building and Creating
  • Dramatic Play
  • Opportunities for Gathering
  • Working with loose parts

Our outdoor play space design is a large part of who we are and shows our dedication to ensuring that adventure and discovery remain a part of children’s young lives.