Policy & Process

Le Jardin Enchanté caters for children between 8 months and 5 years old, regardless of nationality, background, gender, abilities or special learning needs. Our setting is committed to anti-discriminatory practice by promoting equal opportunity and valuing diversity.

Admission Policy

  • On-going admissions throughout the academic year upon availability.
  • Availability of spaces at the nursery depends upon staff/child ratios, the age of the child and the registration requirements.
  • In respect of completed applications preference is given on a first come first serve basis.
  • Priority will be given to children who are booking full time places and those who already have siblings at the nursery.
  • We would like to recommend to book the students in for 5-day sessions per week. This is for the benefit of the children as it helps them to settle well at the Nursery. Alternatively, we have 3 days per week classes as well.
  • There is a non-refundable Registration Fee of AED 500.00 per child payable upon submission of the Registration Form. When a place is accepted, a deposit of AED 500.00 is payable to Le Jardin Enchanté as medical & insurance fees.
  • Children must attend the nursery only on their registered days.
  • One month prior notice must be given if the place/s at the nursery is/are no longer required.
  • Children should not bring any valuable items into the nursery.
  • Parents to comply with all rules, regulations and policies of the Nursery.
  • Parents are eligible to avail 5% sibling discount if both children are enrolled at the same time.
  • Parents can avail a discount of 10% on the tuition fees only if the annual tuition fees amount paid in full at the time of admission.